Honda CB400F was completely stripped and then rebuilt. I have tried to recall most of the changes:
1. Custom welded tail section
2. Powder coated frame
3. Heat resistant paint for the engine
4. Hand-welded stainless racing exhaust pipe from the UK
5. Custom painted tank with Honda letters
6. Custom seat – handmade onto a used skateboard deck by genius craftsman
7. Electronic box made from the aluminum of a stolen stop sign. From the outside only visible at the bottom of the box. The rest was removed with sandpaper.
8. Completely new electronics and wiring with Joost control module and antigravity battery
9. Engine switch on the side of the electronics box
10. New racing shocks and bullet taillight + turn signal light
11. Custom racing foot raster bolted onto the original mount
12. New air intake filters
13. Completely rebuilt steering section:
14. CNC milled fork bridge from Dime City Cycles
15. Clip-on bars
16. New speedometer
17. Racing clutch and break handles
18. Day at night headlight
19. Racer mirrors
20. Tiny buttons for the indicators, lights and engine start

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