I purchased this bike as a non-runner, it was an import from Belgium and was in poor condition as it had been untouched in a lock up for many years. The first stage was to get the engine in some sort of running order and also check the state of the electrics. The carbs where given a good clean (In the lounge) a car battery was hooked up to turn the lump over which sprang into life, amazingly the electrics where in good condition apart from a dodgy relay. Now the bike was in better health I could start on the mock up phase, first was to remove as much weight as possible, the GS was a heavy beast! The frame was cut down and decluttered the majority of electrical components where relocated under the custom seat/hump. The head light bucket I believe is off a BMW I wanted to ditch the chunky original dials and house the electrics inside the light bucket including the ignition key, speedo and warning indicators to give the bike more of a minimalist look.