Im 21 and have always loved the crazy showcase and bikes for the 70s so combined the two and built the Chopper van trike ive built the whole thing from scratch out of steel tubing and sheet steel. A complete budget build I’ve done everything myself the fab work, upholstery and paint all done in my garage. Narrowed the rear axel by 6″ re drilled the mag wheels to fit. I built the cab with 2 doors in the back and a functioning sliding side door. I made own bubble windows and rear louvers windows. Painted with a silver flake base, candy colors over top with all the crazy old skool art work, lace, bubbles flames, fades all done by me. Button tucked velvet upholstery with long fur roof lining and and shag carpet even have long fur on the underside of the body. Has a cb radio over head of the rider because you gotta have a cb! . Twin headlights keep the 70s chopper theme with some miniature kc daylighter covers I made. The narrow girder forks and an invader wheel keep it super skinny up front and keep it light enough to pop a wheelie, will have twin stainless side pipes when done. It’s still a work in progress and the covid virus has made it tricky to keep getting materials but I’m hoping by the end if this I’ll have it finished. Can get a better pictures as I complete more work