Built 5 Years ago and my second build I wanted to think out of the box (at the time) and build a bike with the power of a “Modern” bike but the tin tank look look of an older bike. A Suzuki DRZ was sourced and immediately the hubs were stripped and laced with 17″ hoops to fit 120 and 140 Shinko 705 tyres, the perfect Motard set up. (As my riding style has changed, if i built this bike again this combo would change to 19″ front 18 rear) I bent up a complete new Subframe which now houses all the electrics from the headlight, airbox, relocated battery and pleated seat. A FMF powerbomb header was mated to a TYGA tailpipe. I Hand fabricated metal number plate/ side covers along with aluminum fenders. 70s style Scrambler bars were fitted up next to the Marchel headlight. The final piece of the puzzle is the Modified aluminium SR 400 fuel tank placed after swapping out the stock twin radiators for CR 250 unit