We had 30 days to build this bike so our customer can do a trip all over the Patagonia Argentina.
Suspension was modified to get more height on the front end, we worked internal parts on the lathe in order to get this done. Custom aluminum front/rear fenders, and located them taller to achieve the style we wanted. We also made an aluminum front mask and relocated the gauges. Adapted a 7″ LED light and hid the electrical wiring so you can’t see them and on both sides you got tiny turn signals. We chose Dunlop all terrain tires so the bike can run offroad. Handlebar risers are aluminum made and a fatbar custom made handlebar were installed.
Designed the hole exhaust system on polished stainless steel. Silencers were located with a DB killer mechanism, so the client can choose between a loud exhaust system or a quieter one.
We built an engine guard in stainless steel and lasered our logo in it. At both sides we also built defences so if you ride on rough terrain that would protect you in case of an accidental fall.
In the back we adapted the chassis and make it shorter, with built-in LED lights and turn signals all the electrical wireing is internal. The leather seat is custom made to archieve the clients riding position. Rear shocks were adapted with lathe-fabricated extensions in order to rise the rear an compensate the front high.
Original paint was all grey, and we build only black bikes. So we turned it to the dark side entirely. The concept of this bike is for you to look to a complete modified bike that you can find in the bike shop as an stock one.

Hope you enjoy it.
– Low Life Motorcycles –