hello, it is a creation made in partnership with the lubricant of oil YACCO for the centenary of the mark .the realization on the basis of a Vespa px 1981 on which was grafted 2 extra large wheels of kart cross, the rear wings are barrels of 200 liters from the manufacturer. For the mechanical part, the original engine is replaced by a 110cc honda monkey 4 speed manual engine in a central position under the saddle. The vespa has been pushed to its maximum in order to recover all the influences that have marked the vespa style at each period when the brand’s evolution, so we find the round lighthouse on the butt guard of the first versions as well as the flat handlebars and a single seat and a small packet carrier, the tank is integrated in the fire extinguisher on the apron, design and construction by MikematamorrARTypic. if you have an extraordinary project send me an email at mikematamorr@gmail.com