The Gold Coast-based Purpose Built Moto pride themselves on building some of the most creative and high quality customs you can find in Australia. Their hard work and no-compromise attitude is starting to really pay off for them, with a stack of commissions lined up in their brand new workshop. Sometimes the builds are complete ground-up customs; others are more organic and start with a small job that ends up turning into a larger project. Their latest build is this wide-wheeled Triumph Scrambler, which started with a new custom seat and three simple words from their client: ‘make it beastly.’

The donor bike was a liquid cooled 2017 Triumph Bonneville T100 Black. “Completely stock as it rolled into us, but very well kept,” recalls Tom from PBM. “The seat job was simple, shorten the subframe, create a simple and tidy lighting design on the rear, fabricate a tail tidy and custom seat pan. Utilising our 3 in 1 LED blinkers, and tail tidy kit all that was completed to a high standard with a completely minimal look.”

To make the bike more ‘beastly’, the next major modification was making the wheels wider. Utilising custom triple clamps, and a wide-wheel set from Canyon Motorcycles. With this installed the custom Triumph Scrambler runs a 150 wide front tyre and a monstrous 180 rear. “Now before you jump down my throat about handling, this is a weekender that gets run up and down the coastline. It still corners, it still runs well, it just looks way better doing it.”

To make the machine look more aggressive, the wide wheels were wrapped in a set of TKC80 dual sport tyres – nothing says beastly like chunky rubber. The front fender was re-purposed from the factory rear fender with some custom brackets made, simple and clean. PBM are currently working on a wide fender to compliment the universal aluminium front fender they already make.

PBM then dived into their lighting catalogue using a 7” Flashpoint Classic headlight which is tightly nestled between the widened forks on a custom bracket – focussing on a clean finish with no fuss. The stock Triumph gauges were then re-mounted and a set of low rise tracker bars and bar end mirrors completed the front end.

Next on the list was creating a custom PBM exhaust. “With the Cat removed, we ran with a 2 into 2 set up, following the frame line with our 316 stainless steel tubing and bends finishing into a set of torpedo reverse cone mufflers. Tig welded and brush finished to absolute perfection. The sound out of this set up is lumpy, grumpy and loud. All the client’s boxes ticked.”

When it came to the paint, it was always going to be black but Tom wanted to break up the black with some metal and brushed metal finishes. “On black motorcycles I’m always conscious of going too far with the black out. Often when you see a custom triumph that’s been completely blacked out it tends to cheapen the finish. Instead, I try to opt for a more balanced approach.” As the Bonnie was assembled, they re-finished the tank badges, brush finished the custom exhaust and lighting brackets, carb covers and the rear shocks. Adding in a black chain at the last second for good measure.

Even though the project only took PBM a few short weeks, the changes have completely transformed this T100 into a brutal looking custom that has answered the clients brief. “Usually we have a lot more time poured into the bikes that roll out of our shop, but with the wide wheel Triumph we still managed to squeeze in some artistry where we could. Giving the finished product that distinct Purpose Built Moto feel.”

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