This bike was rebuild completely. It got a nice Fehling handlebar, the fork crown was ugly after I changed the handlebars and there was nothing street legal as it was supposed to be my daily. I took some liquid metal, filled the crown from beneath and grinded the useless ugly parts from the top. The wheels are from a SR500 which are not completely plug and play, the electric stuff like a lifepo-4 battery, motogadget m.unit blue and all the other stuff found a place in a new electrical tray beneath the seat. The engine breathes through K&N Filters and shorty mufflers, the carbs got a Dynojet upgrade and the signals and tachometer came from Motogadget as well. The rear loop was one of the hardest parts. I got the loop from a friends who owns a bending machine and then we started to build a little box for the rear/brake light which should have the same bending as the loop inside the loop… took us a few days and welds but it turned out to be very nice. I always wanted to have a raw steel tank and I always hated all those brand signs on the tanks of the bikes. After I took of the Yamaha signs, i had to find ugly leveling compound and mounts in the steel. I did not like it at all and i started tearing them out of the steel, leaving holes inside the tank which i filled with liquid metal as well, giving it the nice edgy look i wanted the bike to have.

I got a small 4” headlight which is not bright enough with the X taped on it but I don´t care… I love the looks and it´s not about going always super fast, it´s more about the feeling, kind of urban racing during the night or day within the city. This bike got new YSS shocks in the rear and progressive springs in the fron which support this feeling. Though it is a “custom-bike” it is still a daily and people love to see it on the streets… the front is lowered by four centimeters to give it a more aggressive handling, the fender is the original one but cut by a grinding machine by hand. All was powder coated by Bart from Custom Coatings Helvoirt from the Netherlands who also powders the parts for Arjan van den Boom.

This bike is not the most special one, but it´s special to me and a more realistic custom bike for the streets and daily rides. I hope you enjoyed it, you can find more pictures on

Stay healthy!