This build was intended for a small sized guy (1.55m tall and 45kg) with no experience in motorbikes. It had to be a 125cc to be able to drive it in Spain with the car license and for common sense.
It is even smaller than the stock bike, lowered in front and rear suspension.
All these details have been done at the shop:
-Custom built handlebar
-Custom built fenders
-OEM gastank modified, splitted in two parts and reduced
-Small suports and details custom fabricated
-Rear wheel upgraded form 15″ to 16″ to fit vintage looking tires
-Cork fabric custom seat (special detail for the portuguese owner)
-Full exhaust custom built
-Battery cover with a wink to japan style customs
-Speedo drive substitution piece machined in aluminium and holding the new electronic speed sensor
-Mirror holders integrated in the gas tank

More pictures and details: