✔ Full paintjob (no decals)
✔ Hagon shocks (one-off for this bike and rider weight)
✔ Custom forks (one-off, extended)
✔ Zard High 2 into 1 exhaust (with one-off aluminium muffler fixing)
✔ Goldentyre GT201 tyres
✔ Front cowl (one-off)
✔ Mini Speedo
✔ Idiot lights pannel (one-off)
✔ Classic headlight
✔ Biltwell Tracker handlebars
✔ Biltwell Thruster grips
✔ Magazi Eclipse mirrors
✔ Hel braided break lines (one-off front and back)
✔ Min Ledi tailight
✔ Tiny Led blinkers
✔ Seat (one-off) and upholstery
✔ Front mudguard (one-off)
✔ Back mudguard (one-off)
✔ Right side panel (one-off to fit exhaust)
✔ Back brake pump (OEM relocated to fit exhaust)
✔ Right foot stand and chain cover modified to fit back brake pump
✔ Regulator (relocated)
✔ Bike stand (OEM, extended)
✔ License plate bracket (one-off)
✔ Fork gators
And more….
Of course the bike was fully serviced, and every part treated down to the last nut and bolt.