A twin-cam four-cylinder engine, trick suspension and brakes, and some slick race replica paint, it sounds exactly like the recipe for the majority of modern sports bikes available straight from your local dealer’s showroom floor. But so far has the K series of BMWs come in the custom scene, that to truly stand out from the crowd this is the level you have to achieve. And one man who is always ready to give a bike all that it deserves is France’s Jérémie Duchampt. Toiling away at his Jerem Motorcycle headquarters, he’s rolled out a BMW K1100 that’s got all the goods to deliver a sportbike smackdown.

There is no doubt that BMW was ahead of their time in delivering a smooth fuel-injected four banger, and it served its role well in powering a range of their touring bikes. But most tourers carry some extra kilos to keep them comfortable and weight has no place on a motorcycle trying to live its best life as a sporty machine. So the first task on the build was to strip off all of the factory fairings and cut down the main frame to the parts that were only absolutely necessary. Now Jérémie could get to work, improving simply every aspect of the BMW build.

With a bare chassis to work with, a new set of bearings was pressed into the headstock to allow for a full Suzuki 1000 TLS front end to be fitted. The 43mm USD forks bring with them their Tokico brake calipers from the spicy Suzuki, which also donates its big brake discs and factory alloy wheel. For the rear end, a BMW 1200 GT rim was utilised for that sweet single-sided swingarm look, and it’s all controlled by a custom made YSS shock absorber. The back end also gets its own drilled brake disc and a Brembo caliper provides the stopping power.

Having the engine out was a chance to give it a refresh and also remove more weight, with the hefty airbox the main victim of the strip down. In its place to feed the quad throttles goes a set of pod filters and the fuel pressure regulator has been replaced too. The cooling system has been overhauled with new end tanks, an aluminum overflow and fresh hoses, and a body matching blue crankcase filter has been screwed in. Then to give the bike the sound of something very sporty, the four into one stainless exhaust system is finished out with a Leo Vince end can.

Now Jérémie could begin to transform the old boxy K bike, and boy has he, that front cafe racer style fairing is a thing of beauty and gives smooth flowing lines to a machine who has never known such sweet aesthetics. To match, the tailpiece had to have the same effect, and just like its front end counterpart, it incorporates all of the must have functionality and merges perfectly under the tank. That famous big hunk of metal has been given its own custom touches with some handmade badges and a Monza filler cap welded in.

All of this incredible work is made to truly stand out by the flawless paintwork of A2F, who are responsible for painting all of Jerem’s bikes. Modeled on the BMW M Sport colours, the blinding gloss white is then topped with the iconic blue, violet and red graphics across the build. But that’s not the only standout paintwork flowed over the BMW; the engine has been given a Ferrari like transformation with a crinkle finish on the cylinder head broken up by the lighter blue of the wheels, which highlights the plug cover.

But it’s not all flash and fancy, a bike of this level has to function to the same standard as its form, and a full rewire and hand-built loom plays its part. A new digital control unit from Aeon is the brains of the operation, along with a keyless start system. The old and intrusive ABS system has been removed and the fuse and relay site reduced to just the bare basics. The lighting is a mix of modern LED for functions like turn signals, with a classic yellow lensed headlight and vintage tail light giving the bike some early cafe racer flavour.

Such a bike deserves to treat its rider in style and once again Point Sellier 34 has delivered in spades with a slick Alcantara seat with paint matching white stitching. The controls are a mix of clip-on bars with Brembo levers and masters, and a set of rearsets that have been customised to suit the K bike and given a Brembo master of its own. A rear number plate holder is affixed to the swingarm and then in true sportbike style, the rims are wrapped up sticky Pirelli Super Corsa tyres.

It is simply one hell of a build and the lucky owner has been gifted with a paint-matched helmet to protect their head, as they smile from ear to ear as that famed four-cylinder sings.

Jerem Motorcycles | Photography by Jonathan Silene ]