It comes up all the time amongst bike fanatics, the dream collection of motorcycles you’d instantly acquire if one day you ever hit the lottery jackpot. We’ve all daydreamed and built these fantasy lists where finally money is no obstacle, but for those whose bank accounts are already overflowing, their one concern is simply making it happen. A year ago we featured an absolutely beautiful BMW R100 built by the craftsmen at Croatia’s Incerum Customs. It blew up social media, the comments section was full of praise and it appears a successful German businessman saw an object of his desire. A year later he’s taking delivery of his dream machine, as Antonio and the crew spun the spanners to create a very collectible custom.

Only a generation ago, finding a small workshop in small town Croatia that does the kind of work you love would almost have been impossible. A chance discovery by a magazine photographer perhaps your only chance to learn of their existence, by boy has the internet changed things, and social media, in particular, is connecting people instantly from around the world. Incerum Customs operates out of Pozega in the eastern part of the country, and while they can build just about anything you care to dream of, brilliant BMWs are definitely their thing.

“This bike is special for us because of the customer, who is a German entrepreneur that had a wish to buy himself a gift for his 55th birthday. He saw our work online, sat on the plane, flew into Zagreb, Croatia, drove to us from the main city Zagreb (not a short ride), came into our workshop, said that he saw what he needed to see, that he is in the right place, ordered the bike and went home nearly 1000 miles away, all in one day,” Antonio explains. Perhaps that’s part of the reason this man is so successful, he just goes and gets it done.

So now with the order and clear instructions as to his desires, Antonio had to bring them to life, and to do so meant finding another BMW R100 as the base. With the bike stripped down he got to work preparing the frame that comes in for a host of modifications. The rear end is removed and the mounting points for the stock subframe are ground smooth. The next step is to build new upper shock mounts that help lower the eyelet position, an exacting science that not enough people pay close attention to. Then the new mini subframe is prepared, as is the rest of the frame that hides the wiring inside.

The swingarm too is beautifully finished, smoothed out and the lower shock mounts slightly reworked and welded, before the frame, swingarm and lower fork legs are all powder coated in a colour known as ink black. With the big bore boxer twin up on the bench, it was pulled down, thoroughly inspected to assess which parts would need replacing, and then given a full rebuild to ensure the wealthy client would have nothing to worry about out on his rides. The short block having been built back up, it is first finished in crinkle style powder and custom paint, before being bolted back in the frame.

Once back where it belongs, the accessories can start to be added back onto the engine and the stock Bing carbs are rebuilt, rejetted, and then fitted with a set of pod filters. There is some beautiful painted detail added to the front cover, this is a bike you really have to get on your hands and knees to appreciate, as some of this is covered up by the refurbished oil-cooler that runs the lube back to the engine via braided hoses. The client knew the exact exhaust he was after and Antonio didn’t have to go far, with his own in-house FYG twin can system getting the call-up.

Part of what makes this bike simply so gorgeous is the paintwork and the blue and gold is laid down to absolute perfection. The fuel tank was restored to be arrow straight, while the custom rolled rear fender is held onto the swingarm with very clever single-sided mounts made from round bar and finished in powder coat. A blade-style fender gets similar treatment up front and the final part to wear the blue hue is the remodeled headlight housing that now hosts the Motogadget speedo, for that vintage bike feel. To add a level of luxury, the solo seat that bolts to the custom subframe is then wrapped in very expensive Cognac Brown leather.

To ensure the ride is plush, the front suspension is rebuilt and fitted with ‘Dellmann Bobber’ badges at the owner’s request, and the rear end benefits from a set of fully adjustable YSS shocks. The wiring is a thing of beauty, and part of what makes it that way is the fact you can’t see it, all neatly hidden inside the frame, with just essential turn signals from Motogadget and Kellermann on display when they light up.

Which is exactly what happened to the client’s face, thrilled to see his own Incerum ride, complete with new bars and rearsets to suit his riding position. Like its big brother that inspired it, this R100 is all about the stunning detail, and now one well-off German gets to enjoy his custom Croatian treasure, in a collection many of us can simply dream of.

Incerum Customs – Instagram | Photography by Matej Pilaš ]